Words cannot tell you how I made the mountains any more than I can drink the ocean with a fork.

– Alan Watts, The Nature of Consciousness

Rhymed Cheetos with Fritos and Doritos LMAO I'm ded…

– YouTube comment on MadVillain ‘Accordion’

Director / Creative.

The oldest from a divorced Brooklyn family. My childhood spent between cities, staring out the window of a car or bus or plane as the scenery sped by outside, a cassette in my walkman.

Then I was hip-hop kid with a backstage pass to scenes that only exist today in dreams. 16 years old, talking to Eazy-E on his mother’s front lawn in Compton. I learned to layer music and dialogue from Dr. Dre’s mixtapes.

I found my way to Los Angeles, to UCLA. Then to the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal. VHS projections for DJ Shadow’s Brainfreeze led to legendary record imprint Stones Throw. I was lucky: My work became part of the very culture so I admired as a kid.

I founded c71, a full-service creative studio, in the late 90s. We created content for brands like Scion, Apple. Levis, and BMW. I directed commercials and music videos through production companies like Partizan and GenPop. My films screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, the International Motor Film Awards, and took home a silver plaque for documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival.

And the I found myself at a turning point. As much as I loved the work I’d made, it was time to step away.

After some reflection, I started new conversations. I made new work, with new eyes and approaches and alongside new people and people I’d collaborated with for years.

The common themes? Exploring the human experience through sound, image, story, dialogue, movement. Listening and observing. Connecting the dots.

New collaborators have now become close friends. And vice versa. Together we’ve experimented, taken risks, and grown as artists. Intuitive and improvisational. I’m reasonably sure that this is just the beginning...

Based in Los Angeles but I travel often, always seeking that feeling of being at once in and out of my element.

Thank you.

Andrew / 2019