Words cannot tell you how I made the mountains any more than I can drink the ocean with a fork.

– Alan Watts, The Nature of Consciousness

Rhymed Cheetos with Fritos and Doritos LMAO I'm ded…

– YouTube comment on MadVillain ‘Accordion’

I grew up a fish out of water, Brooklyn roots on the sandy coasts of Southern California. At the time, it sucked, but it primed me for being a visual thinker, culturally aware, sensitive to context, language and aesthetics.

I found expression through music and art, making mix tapes with the pause button on my cassette deck, saving my lunch money for a DJ mixer and airbrushing text on denim jackets and skateboards for friends. A chance meeting with Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright at a Gardena swap meet brought me into the nascent world of NWA.

I had been planning on going to law school, but UCLA film classes and another chance meeting, with stylist Jeanne Yang, gave me a first hand taste of filmmaking. A few months later, I rented a miniDV camera and shot my first short film. I was hooked.

After this came a bunch of projects. They’re easy to find on the internet. Or ask me and I can send you a link.

Today, I’m emerging from a reset: I stepped away from old work, work that I loved, but that I wanted to move beyond. I took a good, honest look at what I’d accomplished and where I wanted to be. I started new conversations. And I made new work, with new people and people I’d collaborated with for years.

New collaborators have now become close friends. And vice versa, come to think of it. Together we’ve experimented, trusted, taken risks, and grown as artists. It’s been good, it’s been intuitive and it’s often been beautiful and radically improvisational. I’m reasonably sure that this is just the beginning...

I’m based in LA but I travel often, still seeking that feeling of being at once in and out of my element.

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Thank you,

Andrew / July 2019