Words cannot tell you how I made the mountains any more than I can drink the ocean with a fork.

– Alan Watts, The Nature of Consciousness

Rhymed Cheetos with Fritos and Doritos LMAO i'm dead.

– YT comment on MadVillain ‘Accordion’

Director/Image-Maker, Los Angeles.

I grew up a fish out of water, Brooklyn roots on the sandy coasts of Southern California. At the time, it sucked, but it primed me for being a visual thinker, culturally aware, sensitive to context, language and aesthetics.

I found expression through music and art, making mix tapes with the pause button on my cassette deck, saving my lunch money for a DJ mixer and airbrushing text on denim jackets and skateboards for friends. A chance meeting with Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright at a Gardena swap meet brought me into the nascent world of NWA.

And from there it got interesting: The Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal Records while studying at UCLA, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s seminal Brainfreeze and Product Placement tours, a Tribeca FF screened documentary with Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson, seven music videos and two album covers (including J Dilla’s Donuts) for Stones Throw Records, a comedy series about food, friendship and cocaine with Randall Park…

<<This is where you may want to take a breather from the intense name-dropping that is going on. It's cool, I'll wait.>>

…four years at Partizan Entertainment, installations for Architect Richard Neutra and Levis 501, films and photos with multi-hyphenate Saul Williams, Charlie Winston’s platinum-selling Running Still, an episode of Katie Malia’s Almost Asian, films with Brian Allen Simon’s Anenon project for Apple Music, race driver Nicolas Hamilton (shortlisted for best documentary at the London International Motor Film Awards)…

Today, I am driven to explore the possibilities of storytelling. To capture the beauty in everyday moments. Sometimes through creative collaboration, and sometimes alone, just because it brings challenge and joy.

I’m presently working on my first feature film, directing commercials and taking photos between personal projects.

This site shows just a small selection of my work. please ask for more should you feel so inclined.

You can read some things people have written HERE, HERE AND HERE.

Anyway, I’d love to talk. Hope to hear from you. And thanks for taking time.